Tuesday, May 29, 2007

configure and sfslite

OK, I wasted the better part of an hour figuring this one out. I'm building sfslite-0.8 for use with Chord. It requires the GMP library. But configure reports the wrong error when you're building the thing. To use with chord, it recommends you use these parameters to configure:

../sfslite-0.8/configure --with-sfsmisc --with-dmalloc

Which on my system (with GMP installed) gives:

checking for GMP library... checking for gmp.h... yes
checking for libgmp... configure: error: Could not find gmp library

Adding --with-gmp=/usr/lib changes nothing. Google finds nothing. Checking GMP manually and it seems to be fine. Finally, after looking through the log files I find the real error: GMP is fine, but dmalloc's not installed! The GMP test depends on gmalloc, but dmalloc wasn't tested earlier.

Removing the --with-dmalloc line fixes the problematic symptoms.

The root problem problem is the ordering of dependencies in configure, though. Bah.

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