Monday, April 03, 2006

LaTeX compilation with 'rubber'

My main desktop died last week and I reinstalled from scratch (I had everything safe on a backup, not to worry). This gave me a chance to upgrade all my software, and things are working great now. I really like the server and globally antialiased fonts, and other nice minor features.

What has made my day, however, is the 'rubber' tool. I do a lot of writing, and most of it in tex. It's always been irritating to have to manage dependencies, makefiles, etc. all by hand. Now, I just have a makefile I can dump anywhere and it works like magic!


PROBLEMS:=${shell ls *.tex}

all: figures ${PROBLEMS:.tex=.${TARGET_FORMAT}}
gvwatch ${PROBLEMS:.tex=.${TARGET_FORMAT}}

rubber --pdf $<
rubber --ps $<

$(MAKE) -C figures

$(MAKE) -C figures clean
rm -f *.{aux,bbl,blg,dvi,log,ps,pdf} texput.log *~

I love cool little tools that make my life easier.