Monday, August 21, 2006

CSE Building "rooted"

There have been a rash of thefts from the CSE building over the last several months. Laptops, computers, even our couch disappeared. Today, somebody stole an HP PDA. Not just any PDA-- the PDA that is used to program the building's electronic locks.

In other words, (1) We can't change access controls to the building any more and (2) for all practical purposes, somebody now has complete access and control of the doors to the most `secure' parts of the building (e.g. machine/equipment rooms with millions of dollars of stuff in them).

All this because they wanted to save a few bucks by not installing a centralized system, and because one admin didn't lock her door. This is the admin whose job it was to walk around to every one of the 40+ doors and recode them every single time any access changed (e.g. a person joined department, left department, etc).


Whoever stole it certainly knew how to attack the weakest part of the security system.

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